Juice Cleanse Cont.

I’ve been lagging writing my juice cleanse results, but don’t worry the effects are still fresh in my mind.

I started out the day with a juice and water. I felt alright; after all it was only the morning so my body was still getting going. By mid morning, I started to feel a little “high” and light headed. I almost felt a little stupid, too. Must be all those toxins being flushed out of my body, I thought.

Every two hours I loyally chugged a Tropical Heat, Vitality Splash, or Blue Green Goddess along with 12 oz of water. The MOST annoying thing throughout the day was having to pee every 1-2 hours. I had to plan to be next to a restroom at all times. That made going to the beach that day quite interesting.

Honestly I felt decent all day, not too hungry. All that liquid gave me a full feeling. And the last drink of the day, Chai Coconut Bliss, was my favorite. Pretty delicious.

Then……it hit me. At 9pm I had the worst headache and the worst nausea. I seriously wanted to die. It was worse than a hangover. I laid there in bed praying to just fall asleep. But every little noise, the dog breathing, my husband clumsily flipping through a magazine, triggered sharp pangs throughout my head, neck, and stomach. “Can you read a magazine ANY MORE ANNOYINGLY??!” Probably not my most pleasant pillow talk.

By 10:30pm, I just couldn’t take it. I headed straight to the kitchen in the dark, avoiding bright lights, and dug into a small cold plate of the whole wheat Greek Alfredo pasta I made a couple days before. I can’t say I felt instantaneously better, but I was finally able to eventually fall asleep. Without kicking my husband and dog to the couch.

I did a little research on this juice cleanse debate (probably should have done this beforehand but I guess it was a learning experience?). Generalizing from a couple articles, supposedly the “high” stupor feeling is from your body not having anything else to process besides sugars. Also, since the pre-made drinks are less than 500 calories total, your body can go into starvation mode which can mess with your metabolism. My headache and nausea, I read, are results of a sugar crash and starvation.

My conclusion is that something supposedly good for you, cleansing your body of toxins, shouldn’t make you feel like a big pile o sh*t. I feel much better clean eating and having an intense work-out sesh. Do what your body feels is right. Pre-made juice cleansing is not right for me. To each his own!