Juice Cleanse Cont.

I’ve been lagging writing my juice cleanse results, but don’t worry the effects are still fresh in my mind.

I started out the day with a juice and water. I felt alright; after all it was only the morning so my body was still getting going. By mid morning, I started to feel a little “high” and light headed. I almost felt a little stupid, too. Must be all those toxins being flushed out of my body, I thought.

Every two hours I loyally chugged a Tropical Heat, Vitality Splash, or Blue Green Goddess along with 12 oz of water. The MOST annoying thing throughout the day was having to pee every 1-2 hours. I had to plan to be next to a restroom at all times. That made going to the beach that day quite interesting.

Honestly I felt decent all day, not too hungry. All that liquid gave me a full feeling. And the last drink of the day, Chai Coconut Bliss, was my favorite. Pretty delicious.

Then……it hit me. At 9pm I had the worst headache and the worst nausea. I seriously wanted to die. It was worse than a hangover. I laid there in bed praying to just fall asleep. But every little noise, the dog breathing, my husband clumsily flipping through a magazine, triggered sharp pangs throughout my head, neck, and stomach. “Can you read a magazine ANY MORE ANNOYINGLY??!” Probably not my most pleasant pillow talk.

By 10:30pm, I just couldn’t take it. I headed straight to the kitchen in the dark, avoiding bright lights, and dug into a small cold plate of the whole wheat Greek Alfredo pasta I made a couple days before. I can’t say I felt instantaneously better, but I was finally able to eventually fall asleep. Without kicking my husband and dog to the couch.

I did a little research on this juice cleanse debate (probably should have done this beforehand but I guess it was a learning experience?). Generalizing from a couple articles, supposedly the “high” stupor feeling is from your body not having anything else to process besides sugars. Also, since the pre-made drinks are less than 500 calories total, your body can go into starvation mode which can mess with your metabolism. My headache and nausea, I read, are results of a sugar crash and starvation.

My conclusion is that something supposedly good for you, cleansing your body of toxins, shouldn’t make you feel like a big pile o sh*t. I feel much better clean eating and having an intense work-out sesh. Do what your body feels is right. Pre-made juice cleansing is not right for me. To each his own!


One thought on “Juice Cleanse Cont.

  1. The idea of juice ridding your body of toxins makes zero sense. That is why we have a liver and kidneys…I’m just sayin.

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